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Дизельные двигатели HATZ
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Осветительные установки Мотопомпы
Алмазные диски OLISAVA
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About the company

The company Engineering Remake Aggregate - ERA is a synthesis of the high-quality equipment, well known brands, modern technical ideas and collective of professionals.

Engineering Remake Aggregate is:

  • Authoresses the certificated centre of the German company HATZ, produced diesel engines;
  • The distributor of the German firm WEKA, produced drilling engines and wall saws;
  • The distributor of the Italian firm DOA, produced the hydraulic equipment.

 Engineering Remake Aggregate offers:

  • Diesel engines HATZ,
  • Service, spare parts, guarantee repair of diesel engines HATZ;
  • Drilling engines WEKA, service, guarantee repair;
  • Drilling systems ERA with drilling engines WEKA;
  • Joint cutters ERA;
  • Diamond tool OLISAVA - diamond disks and diamond crowns - for cuttings also drillings of iron-concrete, concrete, granite, natural stone and other firm building materials;
  • Hydraulic breakers DOA;
  • Hydraulic breakers STANLEY;
  • Hydraulic Power Packs ERA;
  • Hydraulic Power Packs DOA;
  • Wall saws WEKA;
  • Hydraulic chain saws ICS;
  • Hydraulic disk saws DOA;
  • Hydro hammer drill STANLEY;
  • High pressure hydraulic trash pumps DOA;
  • Lighting towers ERA with diesel engines.

Engineering Remake Aggregate renders service, guarantee repair of all equipment offered by us. 

Engineering Remake Aggregate offers services:

  • On cutting and diamond drilling of concrete and iron-concrete, brick, granite, natural stone and other firm building materials, 
  • On destruction concrete crashing iron-concrete, concrete, stone designs and constructions at dismantling works;
  • On cutting by joint cutter of a road cover at carrying out of road-repair work in concrete coverings of runways and autobahn, on cutting overlapping at repairs and dismantle of constructions etc.

The company Engineering Remake Aggregate is in Kiev, but co-operates with all regions of Ukraine.

We will be glad to co-operate with you!

Инжиниринг Ремейк Агрегат
тел: (044) 599-16-44